Dat Truong

Dat is a Creative Director, with a passion for content creation and marketing. He has worked with multiple successful companies to scale and grow their business’s. His creative vision is what drives the motor of the company, intertwined with extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to photography, videography and marketing. Other than his background in media, Dat has quite the unique progression towards his passion for content creation. Initially beginning his educational journey with an Advanced Diploma of Architectural Building Design. A field where helping people build their homes and companies to build a place of business, he has gained a high level of skills in design, business growth, structure and operations. After working as Architectural Building Designer, he decided to turn his hobby as Photographer/Videographer into his own business. He then founded the company Ax3 Media after seeing success as a freelance content creator. Always trying to innovate and exceed expectations, he is always adapting to the latest trend to efficiently scale businesses.

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