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Ax3 is Australia’s fast-growing professional multi-disciplinary accounting firm with its Head Office located in the heart of Melbourne with a satellite branch in Canberra. Ax3 works with businesses and business owners that want to accelerate their growth and scale through business advisory and investments as well as supporting a range of NFP, Government agencies and Enterprises in financial compliance. We have an entrepreneurial team that looks beyond the numbers and help the business achieve their vision, find real solutions, and scale the business.

We specialise in budget advisory, accounting advisory, taxation, and financial auditing services. We ourselves are always learning and growing, in terms, we push our client to grow with us. No matter what stage of the business cycle you’re at, if you have made the commitment to grow and take your business to the next level, Ax3 is the people you want to work with.

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& Values

Inspiring growth mindsets

Our culture is one of learning and growth, for both ourselves and our clients. It has been shown time and time again that access and scale have deep roots in all kinds of learning and evolvement. Ax3 are inspirational developers with high motivation and ambitions. We love to build up our network and share our expert ideas. "Learning is a treasure that will follow it's owner everywhere".

Leading Integrity & Innovation

We pride ourselves on our professional integrity and innovation. We strive to always put our clients best interest first, work to our full capability and ensure that our clients are receiving the best service possible. We bring fresh ideas to the table and collaborate with likeminded people to create a better history.

Ax3 Team

Ax3 has an unrivalled track record in delivering the project outcomes our clients need. We specialise in helping our clients deliver some of Australia’s most complex and challenging projects. Our clients turn to us to deliver pathfinder projects: projects that are bigger in size or higher-profile projects that are riskier than normal projects that demand new solutions. Within the category of Budgets, our business has been operating under Ax3 for 3-years. Ax3 is made up of 3 partners with over 50 years of combined budget and financial experience.

Recognising the responsibility that attaches to such roles, our style is to respectfully challenge the status quo, to work collaboratively, and to be innovative. We believe that our successful track record and the enduring professional relationships that remain are indicative of the trust of our client’s place in us as their budget and financial advisors. 

The scope and methodologies we adopt in completing budgetary engagements against your requirements include completing desktop analyses and providing “traffic light” risk ratings on areas such as legal structure, business and management structure, related party transactions, financial position (net assets, working capital, secured and priority creditors), financial performance and outlook, concentration risk, liquidity and solvency.  Our work takes into account both financial and non-financial information and predictors of potential failure and specific next steps recommendations when developing our client budgets.

We not only locate and address the pain points of our clients. We grow and scale them in ways that achieve huge success for them in ways that are easy to understand. We think outside the box, and find real practical solutions, whilst taking into account the tax, legal, and compliance into consideration.


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