10:57 am   |   SMSF

Superfund changes

As of the 1st of November 2021, new employees who do not have a chosen superfund can have their funds…

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4:16 pm   |   Grants

Round 4 Grant

The Business cost Assistance program Round 4 Grant is an additional payment for Businesses in Victoria who were eligible for…

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1:39 pm   |   Business

Casual employment

Casual employment can now be offered permanent positions in their workplaces. Businesses are required to comply with the new casual…

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4:09 pm   |   Audit

Melbourne’s Audit season

Did you know that it is Melbourne’s Audit season? With under two weeks left, Auditors are in the race to…

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10:09 am   |   Business

Tax time Tax claims

When it comes to tax time, do you know what expenses to claim? Don’t worry if you don’t know or…

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2:56 pm   |   Tax

Tax offset – how to claim it back

Did you know that you can claim the loss carry-back tax offset in your 2021 company tax return? If you’re…

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6:14 pm   |   Business

Motivating women to work

The Electrical Trades Union raised a campaign to motivate women to work at male-dominated worksites. Ensuring women amenities are mandatory…

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10:09 am   |   Accounting

Cash flow forecasting is the key

Cash flow forecasting is the key to sustainability in uncertain times like now. It is crucial to know and protect…

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2:50 pm   |   Business

Small business Covid Hardship Grant

Small business Covid Hardship Grant is now open for applications. The Government has released a Covid hardship Grant yesterday to…

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3:37 pm   |   Grants

Round 3 Business Grants $2,800

Round 3 business Grants are now available for businesses in Victoria. These grants will be an automatic payment to the…

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