Solicitor Trust Audit

Solicitor Trust Audit




What is a Solicitor Trust Account Audit

An external examiner will form an opinion on the trust account at a Law practice held by Lawyers and Barristers. The examiner will conduct an examination to provide a true and fair report that is complied with the requirements of the legislation, regulations and any legal profession rules relating to how law practice handles trust money. 

Our External Examinar Daniel is our Managing Partner at Ax3, he has been in the industry for over 10 years, providing audits. Not only is he is Registered Auditor, but he is also a Registered Company Auditor, in which he can assist and help bring his knowledge and expertise to find practical solutions for you.

Our External Examiner is approved by the Legal Services Board and Law Institute of Victoria.

Solicitor Trust Audit

At Ax3 we have a dedicated audit division that specialises in solicitors trust account audit. We work with firms and financial planners to provide easy and steam line audits and work with the firm to provide clients with the highest level of service, quality and cost-effective.

All our work is done in Melbourne, Australia with our registered Auditors. We strongly believe in working with fund admin, to ensure that the fund is protected and compliant. We tailor our processes and systems around your firm’s current process to make the audit process easy and streamline. We can offer a secure online portal to upload the documents or we can come onsite to your firm to conduct the audit.


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