5:52 pm   |   Grants

Homebuyer Fund

The Homebuyer fund is now available for eligible Victorians. The State Government introduced the $500 million fund in July as…

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11:56 am   |   Grants

Homebuyers Fund

The Homebuyers Fund was open yesterday for eligible homebuyers who were seeking 25% support for their next property purchase. The…

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4:16 pm   |   Grants

Round 4 Grant

The Business cost Assistance program Round 4 Grant is an additional payment for Businesses in Victoria who were eligible for…

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3:37 pm   |   Grants

Round 3 Business Grants $2,800

Round 3 business Grants are now available for businesses in Victoria. These grants will be an automatic payment to the…

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5:23 pm   |   Grants

Business grants round two extended

Business grants Assistance Program Round Two July Extension and the Licensed Hospitality Venue Fund 2021 July Extension. The extended programs…

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11:14 am   |   Business

Check Grants for Business and Individuals

The Victorian Government has announced more Grants to support Australian businesses. The following is a summary of the Grants available…

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11:20 am   |   Grants

Grants for Victorian businesses double up

Grants to support Victorian businesses affected by the covid lockdown doubled up since the announcement of the extended 7-day lockdown….

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11:46 am   |   Grants

Offset your R&DTI costs to help innovate and grow your business

The Research & Development Tax Incentive (R&DTI) offers a tax offset for companies conducting eligible R&DTI activities. It encourages investment…

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8:53 am   |   Grants

Business Competitiveness Program

The Business Competitiveness Program will assist small and medium manufacturers with an existing presence in Victoria to expand their manufacturing…

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11:29 am   |   Grants

12,000 businesses Grants were ‘unfairly denied’

About 12,000 Victorian businesses could now be eligible for retrospective COVID-19 Grants of up to $10,000 after the Victorian Ombudsman…

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