2:55 pm   |   Business

Import and Export in Australia

 If you are a small business owner looking to Import and Export in and out of Australia. Have a look…

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2:06 pm   |   Business

Pay Super to employees

From 1 July 2022, you will need to pay super to your employees who earn less than $450 per month, provided…

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5:36 pm   |   Business

Streamlining your business

As a business owner, it’s easy to get lost in your everyday job, especially when you’ve got a million things…

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1:35 pm   |   Business

Changing your business location

When changing your business location or details, you must notify ASIC, ATO and ABR to comply with your legal and…

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1:23 pm   |   Business

Contractor or an employee

When is a worker an independent contractor or an employee? Plenty of people ask this question as it can expose…

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7:27 pm   |   Business

8 Major issues in 2022

The eight major issues that will impact the economy in 2022 is Covid-19, climate change, inflation and migration. Reported by…

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7:11 pm   |   Business

How to terminate employment

Dismissing an employee is never easy. But if you understand and fulfil your obligations, it’ll make the process easier for…

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12:38 pm   |   Business

Point of sale system

Every business has a point of sales system. They can help you manage sales, inventory, customers data and employees.  Unfortunately,…

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3:19 pm   |   Business

Cryptocurrency tax in Australia

Wondering how Cryptocurrency is taxed in Australia? If you’re currently involved in a cryptocurrency like bitcoin or considering buying a…

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2:09 pm   |   Business

Reduce the risks of Scams

Businesses are urged to register for PayID or use BPAY for making payments and receiving payments, to reduce the risks…

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