23rd August 2021   |   Business

Motivating women to work

The Electrical Trades Union raised a campaign to motivate women to work at male-dominated worksites. Ensuring women amenities are mandatory at all sites.

We want to increase the number of women in the workforce by providing more amenities so they feel safe and clean.

The key recommendations to improve at female workplaces were;

  • Legislating minimum requirements for workplace amenities, ensuring they are regularly serviced, accessible and suitable.
  • Ensuring women are included in advisory groups and reference committees that oversee matters of education and compliance within male-dominated occupational industries.
  • Establishing a singular point of contact for all employees to report gendered safety issues.
  • Implementing female apprentice meetings and mentorship programs.

Researches show that woman just don’t have anywhere to go, resulting in drinking less water or delaying their menstrual cycles due to the lack of amenities.

The ETU is calling on regulators to develop checklists as guidance for establishing adequate workplace amenities or when performing workplace inspections or audits. These should be used by entry permit holders, inspectors, workplace delegates, health and safety representatives, safety managers and human resources representatives to ensure that facilities for women exist, are clean and safe.

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